clean roomIn many applications, be it retail, office or commercial, the air conditioning system is generally required to maintain comfortable conditions for the occupants of the space by providing cooling in summer and often also heating in winter (heat pump operation).

However, in close control applications, such as clean rooms, computer suites and hospital theatres, the requirements are much more stringent. The qualities of the room air such as temperature, humidity, filtration, room pressurisation, fresh air input and airflow volume may have to be closely monitored and controlled, often to within tightly specified margins. 

It is critical that the design and installation of the system are executed to the highest standard. Often high value processes and equipment rely on the air conditioning system doing its job correctly, so it is important that the client uses a company who really know what they're doing.

Aspen Air Conditioning has been involved in many successful clean room projects across the UK for clients including: Kodak, Leica, UCL, BAe and University facilities in Newcastle, Southampton, London and Cambridge.

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