Recycleheat pumpStrictly speaking the term ‘air source heat pump’ could apply to all the split-type and VRV/VRF heat pump systems we install, as the phrase simply means the use of the outside air as a heat source. However, the term has become associated with the ‘new’ application (in the UK at least) of using air source heat pumps as an alternative to traditional forms of heating, such as gas or oil-fired boilers. Also termed as ‘heat pump boilers’ many manufacturers are now producing products specifically for this market – products such as the Mitsubishi Ecodan and Daikin Altherma.



With the advantages of reduced energy consumption, running costs and carbon emissions, the government is now promoting the use of this modern, clean technology as part of the drive to reduce the UK’s emissions of greenhouse gases.  Air source heat pumps are now becoming a real alternative to gas and oil boilers and, for new build, will become an important part of enabling compliance with new building regulations.


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Aspen has become an Approved Ecodan Installer and can provide expert advice, design and installation service for this product.


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